The excitement was mounting for the album launch gig for weeks beforehand for both bands and the visit to this legendary venue did not disappoint.

High Treason is a band that like to arrive in style so it was all aboard the tour bus for them as they made their way from sunny St Albans (we won’t mention travel sickness but let’s just say the new drummer does not like travelling backwards).

Sharks had been hitting the London nightlife since their pre-launch party at Orbital comics a few days before doing some PR. Walking into a venue like The 100 club when its empty is interesting – its still the same iconic place you remember but brightly lit and showings its appealing imperfections!

The dressing room is very small and cosy with every bit of wall covered with band logos or signatures – a veritable whose who from the last 40 years… if only those walls could talk. Soundcheck done and the crowd start to arrive. Friends, family, the curious and many more and then you start to get that buzz that only live music can give you.
High Treason kick off the evening with a loud but superbly crafted set including NWOBHM classic ‘Saturday Night Special’ and the crowd are definitely warmed up. Some hardcore Rock Den fans had even travelled from Hatfield, especially for the show.
There are a lot of semi-familiar faces in the crowd. musician friends, old punks, reviewers mostly I suspect. There to see what its all about. See if ‘Snips’ still has ‘it’. The Sharks pedigree speaks for itself, so they must know pretty much everybody in the music biz over the last 40 years. Tom Robinson tweeted he was there – but it’s dark & I can’t see him.

The Sharks hit the stage and from the get go you know that ‘Snips’ and the band definitely still have ‘it’. It’s a full-on show and the crowd go wild – well relatively speaking – it’s a fairly mature audience – but no denying the atmosphere is electric!

Great musicianship from all the band and a quirky shirt change on stage for the frontman was interesting. A fantastic night was had by all. I overheard lots of conversations on the night and didn’t hear a bad word said. When you look around the room and see everyone totally engaged with what’s on stage then you know you’re on to a winner!

If more proof was needed the queue at the merch stall afterwards was frantic – we sold out of CDs, and the band came out to do a meet and greet with their fans The odd copy of ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ for Paul Cook to sign but mostly the fans want the new material which is really encouraging for the band and label alike.

Great band, quality album. Can’t wait to do it all again. The Sharks are most definitely back and biting down hard.
Denise Parsons – 3Ms Music

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