About Us

3Ms Music was founded by Malcolm Scott, Errol Michael Henry and Paul Madden. Borrowing the letter M from their first, second and last name respectively created the 3Ms name. With many years of experience between them working in the music industry, they share passion and flair for creating great records with talented musicians. This is what makes 3Ms a solution where real artists can thrive.

Errol Michael Henry

Errol is 3M’s guru; a musician, producer and expert in the strange ways of the music business. His CV is quite scary.  His past collaborations include none other than Bobby Womack, Lulu, The Jones Girls, Jaki Graham and Chris Ballin.

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Malcolm Scott

Malcolm Scott is 3Ms marketing, promotion and research specialist.  Malcolm has been playing in legendary NWOBHM band High Treason since 1979 and has albums out in the USA with his other project Mussel Shell.

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Paul Madden

Paul Madden is our recording wizard – a professional musician and studio owner for three decades, there isn’t much that Paul doesn’t know about gear, techniques and how to get a great performance out of musicians.

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