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John Wardle originally met John Lydon, John Grey and Sid Vicious at Kingsway College, London, in 1973. It was Vicious who originally nicknamed John “Jah Wobble” after a drunken binge, and would also loan him his first bass guitar.

During the heyday of punk rock in the mid to late 70s, Wardle earned himself the reputation of being something of a wildman. His original introduction to the bass stemmed from his long-term obsession with dub reggae music. Combined with the D.I.Y. punk ethos, Wardle embraced punk and reggae, and in the process, created an original rock/reggae hybrid of his own.

After an extensive and successful career, he has produced his latest incredible studio album along with ‘The Invaders of the Heart’. ‘The Usual Suspects’ is out now!

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“This band has been a delight to play with over this last couple of years or so. Similar to my first early eighties version of the Invaders they can all really play. Plus all generic bases (no pun intended) are now covered. It’s a big deal to me, because it’s like a 35 year old dream, has finally been realised. This is how I ‘heard ‘The Invaders of the Heart ‘sound’ all those years ago. A classy fusion of genres. Groovy, dubby but always changing and developing, never standing still.”

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