What do we offer? Recording to the highest standards at our flagship facility Smokehouse Studios or at our newly completed studios across the channel in France.  In both settings we use the latest technology, but also the best classic analogue equipment to capture your music at its best.


3Ms has the finest engineers and producers on the roster. Whatever your musical style, we have the expertise to bring out the best in you and your project.


With us, you can get your music on all formats. We have vinyl pressing facilities, CD manufacturing and digital distribution at our fingertips. Our trusty design team can handle everything if you need them to, making life very easy.


We offer the best in music video production, from short clips for social media through to full-blown music videos, interviews and much more. Production is always to the highest quality, suitable for high end and regular viewing.


We can get your music into any marketplace in the world.
If you want to see your music on the shelves in the USA,
Sweden or India, we’ll get it done. Digital distribution onto every listening platform is also a given.


We’ll create digital campaigns across the web, develop your own brand and online presence, and ensure your name is being seen everywhere it should be.