3Ms Music proudly sponsor ‘The Parsons Knows Local Music’ on Radio Verulam (which coincidently I am also the presenter of), so it made sense that I invite Malcolm Scott, one of our directors & Dean Archer from ‘The Rock Den’ in Hatfield, along for a chat about the upcoming ‘Rock Den Sessions’ album release party.

Dean, as it turns out, was a ‘radio virgin’, but luckily, I was gentle with him. Now, Malcolm from 3Ms is an old hand at this, having been on the show before both as 3Ms director and as the guitarist from High Treason. We had a lovely chat all about that’s happening with 3Ms at the moment, and all the very exciting album releases coming up over the next couple of months and just what 3Ms is all about!

Dean was happy to tell listeners all about ‘The Rock Den’ monthly gigs, as well as the special one coming up on 22nd April with no less than 6 bands performing on the night – all featured, naturally, on the album.

Now Dean, having popped his radio cherry (so to speak), immediately wanted to know when he could come back on the show. The Parsons Knows is always happy to oblige!

Denise Parsons, 3Ms Music

You can listen to the interview here:


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