The Sharks – Chris & Snips Talk New Album, King Mob, Snips’ Ass, New Drummer & More.

A little while ago, Chris Spedding & Steve ‘Snips’ Parsons took to Facebook to chat with fans about all things Sharks. This is part one of a multi-part series of posts, containing their discussion and answers. 

This post, in particular, discusses the new Sharks album, King Mob, Snips’ rear, the new drummer Gene Clark and much more. 

Read on for the full transcript!

Steve:  “The new album is called Dark Beatles / White Temptations, point being… What if the Beatles were 4 black kids from Liverpool, and what if the Temptations were 5 white kids from Detroit?

So in other words, Sharks’ big star points are beat music and soul music. So at the end of this tune, there is a complete mashup of Beatles songs and Temptations songs. I’m doing the Temptations now. Now I’m doing the Beatles. I’m gonna add some of The Who I think.

So there you go, slightly unfinished, but almost there. Doo Wop Nation, from the Sharks new album, Black Beatles and White Temptations.

Ah, Matt Nixon is looking forward to the new album. As are we. He loved the last one. We loved the last one. This one is very different. It’s got a wider span of material. Trawled the archives, and we’ve got some brand new stuff.

So at the end of the song playing now (Doo Wop Nation) has a bit of a mashup in it. Some lyrics out of one of the King Mob songs.

I’m very keen on mashups. You know how I feel about King Mob. King Mob is one of the big disappointments of my career. That band was just unbelievable. People just went “Oh Yeah!”, I dunno.

I think we had some great songs on that album. In fact some of the last Sharks album has some material that would have been King Mob. Ya Ya Pop was slated for the King Mob second album.

Complete History of Soul Music, which, by the way, was Chris Spedding’s choice for Killers of the Deep. Do you want to tell them why it wasn’t called the Complete History of Soul Music?”

Chris: “Because in a digital world where you have titles, they’ll cut you off after a certain number of letters. So I made it a Complete Mystery of S.”

Steve: “Yeah, which could be just anything.”

“Mick Gray thinks we’re badass. Well I have got a bad ass and I will tell you that. My ass when I was 20-30 was a peach. It was a solid piece of work.  Now it’s flabby, it’s lost shape. If I could have anything back from the past it’d probably be my ass. I’m really pleased to share it with our audience.

Jon Isaacs – – “Given that Sharks have always been such a strong live act, are you tempted to consider a live album?”

We wanted to get some four tracks from the 100 Club, but it was a disaster on the recording front and things went wrong on stage. The 100 Club was just an amazingly messed up gig. Actually, I quite enjoyed it was so messed up and everything that could go wrong went wrong.

We’re going to try again in September when we do the dates.”

Chris: “Don’t try the 100 Club again.”

Steve: “No, no — not a great sound either of the 100 Club I have to say. The sound was much better with the Borderline as many people have complimented it.

But in September I think we will record a couple of the shows. I’m not sure if we can carry, to be honest, a full live album, but a four track EP,  that’s possible.

From all the bands periods?

Well, we would like to do Perfect Days, wouldn’t we? We’d love to do a really good live version of it.”

Chris: “We should have recut that that for this album.”

Steve: “It was suggested and was on the list. I personally think that a really good live version would be good. We’ve already recorded it once and I’d like to have another version of it. It’s one of our best songs I think.”

Chris: “I know. Studio version, not the others.”

Steve: “Pat Grant – “The robin gig was amazing, what about Manchester?”

“Look! The point with Sharks is we’ve reached a tough point. We need a certain amount and this is not to make a load of money. This is to ferry us to places and we live all over the place, accommodations and drivers.

It’s not cheap for Sharks to do gigs, so if Manchester would pay us the money we need we would be happy to go. We love working.

Mel Ludlam loves perfect days.”

Chris: “Oh, good. It’s one of our best songs.”

Steve: “I’ll find a couple we can do perfectly.”

Chris: “There you go, Perfect Days certainly.”

Steve: “Colin Burns just shared our video. Thank you Colin. We’re very keen on anybody that shares our stuff.

This album, we’ve been recording since Monday. It’s more or less done. We were supposed to start Sunday but  because of the London bridge incident I couldn’t get into London from Lewes. Paul that runs the studio, I had problems getting in here, so terrorists held us up for one day only.

Although Nick Judd was coming Wednesday and everything was shut down and so he couldn’t get here. But as usual everything has gone very, very quickly.

We’ve recorded nine new songs that are just about done. I’ve got to do some vocals but arguing about early guitar part that Chris did, which the rest of us think is wonderful, and he wants to better and we’re to stop him doing it but we probably won’t get away with it.

We’re just trying to operate so quickly, I mean, arrangements, new drummer.

Our new drummer is sick. Not only is he good, he’s so good looking and he looks like Poldark or something.

He’s like 25, he is great looking, dresses well and he took his shirt off the other day.

I had never seen  the guy who has got like that pecs and body. And we’re older dudes like “F***ing hell why have we got a young kid?”.

Anyway, he has been splendid and he has fitted in, slightly different vibe from Paul.

Paul has got a very authoritative way of going about things, and we love Cookie. But, Gene has stepped in. He’s 25, he’s also very musical, he’s a music teacher so he’s got a great head for arrangements.

He grasps arrangements very quickly. It is a problem in this band – Chris and I have worked together for so long, I just go ‘We just need to do…’ and he goes ‘Yeah, I’m doing it.’ We need to catch that quick thing, because we don’t want to be hanging around.”

For more from this Facebook Live session with fans, keep an eye on our blog, or watch the full 44 minute video below:


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