I had been looking forward to the Jah Wobble gig at The Hertford Corn Exchange for some weeks. It’s a great little venue and a chance to see the legendary bass man live for the 1st time.

 I got there early and caught the band sound-checking and realised what a tight band they are, and a lovely bunch of people too. I had a nice chat to the drummer Marc outside the venue – like most drummers he’s in several bands and had a 3.5 hour drive home afterwards – rock n roll. The bass was sound-checked by Steve and was sounding good and loud, it was all looking good for the night.

 The room started filling up with an eager audience. I spied a few ‘Wobble’ T shirts from times gone by. Everyone seemed to be in good humour and enjoying a Friday night drink.

And then, the man himself gets to the stage and with very little pre- amble. He gets right to it with an explosion of sound and energy, the bass itself was reverberating off the front panel of the sound desk at the back – where I was I could actually feel it. Well, I have never heard or felt anything like it.

The next 2 hours (yes they were on stage 2 hours) just flew by and was quite simply a joy. Great, no nonsense audience, interaction from Mr Wobble and the sheer musicality of him and his band was astonishing.

I go to lots of gigs big and small and I love live music with a passion, and I fully expected Jah Wobble to be very good having heard the new album. What I was not expecting to be so blown away. It was a musical trip of a lifetime. I actually ‘felt’ his music right down to my toes, and I will admit to feeling euphoric and a bit emotional at the end.

Now being the good PR lady that I am, I headed to the door to hand out flyers as people were leaving and I could see the same slightly dazed, joyous look on the audiences faces, just how I was feeling. So many people stopped to comment ‘what a night’ and ‘amazing’, ‘brilliant’, ‘I saw him back in …’ ‘When’s he playing again?’ and lots of very heartfelt thank-yous, which I accepted on behalf of the great man himself; somewhat humbly as I didn’t feel in the least bit worthy, but did promise I would pass it on.

Back in the venue as the big pack up started I met some hardcore Wobble fans hanging around. I eventually managed to pass on MY thanks to the band and to Jah Wobble personally, who was so lovely and delighted to hear what the audience had to say.

One thing is for sure – this gig will stay with me forever. I can’t wait to see them again!

You can pre-order the new album and hear some tasters by clicking here

Denise Parsons – 3Ms Music.


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