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An introduction to 3Ms Music

We work with the industry’s finest to produce everything to the highest quality. From music videos to sound engineering and vinyl pressing – we’ve got it covered.

Our artists include established musical legends 360, The Sharks, Jah Wobble, plus less established yet extremely talented musicians of various genres.

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An introduction to 3Ms Music

Posted by 3Ms Music on Monday, 9 November 2015

We Make Records The Real Way.

By musicians, for musicians.

Do you love making music? We do too. We’re a different type of music company who will always work for and with you. Run by musicians we completely understand your needs and work with you to make the record you want! Lets make great records! 

Look no further.

We can promote, distribute, publish and manage your next project. Our team wants to make your record a success & we work hard to make the record you want! We work with top PR agency Chris Hewlett PR to ensure your success. 


Smokehouse Studios are located in the heart of London on Tobacco Dock. Smokehouse has a rich recording history with well known artists over the last 25 years. The recent addition to the family is our sister facility ‘Coachhouse Studios’ situated in Northern France. An idyllic location where bands can record & stay on site. 

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2 days ago

3Ms Music

Just in case you missed this!
Very special offer on this CD in our shop right now but not for long!,
Kiss the gun,

Band members,
Dave South : bass guitar,
Gerry Hearn: lead guitar,
Graham exton: rhythm guitar,
Nadin zakharian: vocals,
Rob taylor : drums.

Track- list,
1) into the fire,
2)this is the time,
4)writing on the wall,
5)stand up,
6)run run run,
7)tainted heart
9)higher and higher,
10)from the night.
Kiss the gun are a rock band that hail from Salisbury, formed back into 2016 by dave south, by 2017 the line up was final this is their first album. This is a very exciting five piece band the genres, i would say nwobhm, metal. This is an outstanding album, the tracks are well written nadin's vocals are beautiful she brings every track to life, she sings with passion, gerrys guitar wow amazing, and is complemented with grahams rhythm guitar, the riffs particularly the rhythm are incredible as are the solo's, daves bass is a further testament, as to how good this band really is and not forgetting robs drums pounding beats and amazing percussion.The album nightmares is a 10 track c.d,first track into the fire is the first time you hear nadin's vocals, you are not disappointed beautiful, rhythm the bar is set high as you go into, this is the time the second track a very graceful song yet you are looking forward then to the third song nightmares, again very upbeat again amazing vocals the rest of the tracks follow suit.
This is my general comments for the group.
Record label 3ms music.
Special thankyou, to Denise Parsons dave south and kiss the gun.
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Just in case you missed this! 
Very special offer on this CD in our shop right now but not for long!

2 days ago

3Ms Music HAND OF AI (Part 3)


We contacted 3Ms after hearing about problems with Amazon's distribution of the new Sharks album and here's the record company's reply:

'Amazon have hundreds of the CD in stock, but due to staff shortages & internal software issues the stock hasn't been 'connected' to their system. They are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it.'

We hope this is swifty sorted.
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2 days ago

3Ms Music

SHARKS LIVE IN GERMANY 2018 'House of You' ... See MoreSee Less

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