This Blade is ‘Unbroken’

The wait is nearly over for the new Tokyo Blade album ‘Unbroken’. 

Fans will be delighted to hear the boys have been busy & that the new album is well worth waiting for! 

Here’s what Chris Hewlett PR said on his press release 

3MS Music are delighted to announce that Tokyo Blade return with a new studio album “Unbroken”, the band’s eighth, which is to be released 20 July 2018 [3MS018CD / 3MS018LP / 3MS018DA]. The band’s roots go right back to the heady days of the rise of the NWOBHM and on this eleven-track album they prove that their cutting edge remains undimmed, this is uncompromising stuff.

Whilst the band shared stages with the likes of Metallic, Ozzy, Dio and Scorpions at Festivals across the world, the line-up changed regularly, but in recent years founder member and lead guitarist Andy Boulton has steadied the ship.  He re-enlisted four parts of the classic Tokyo Blade line-up, guitarist John Wiggins, bassist Andy Wrighton and drummer Steve Pierce, with vocalist Alan Marsh returning for a 3rd stint.

‘Unbroken’ is the first Tokyo Blade album since 2011’s acclaimed ‘Thousand Men Strong’. As ‘Devil’s Gonna Bring You Down’ bursts out of the speakers you know that this is no nostalgia kick, Tokyo Blade mean business.  ‘Unbroken’ is heavy, a real Metal tour de force from a band that helped shape the genre.  Andy Boulton said, “Blade are back with the 100% original line-up. Undeniably our journey has been a tough one and it’s taken enormous effort to keep Tokyo Blade alive. With the original line-up coming together it’s a very significant release, proving that we won’t lay down and die. This is our 8th studio album and our 3rd with the original line up; we truly believe that this album should have been the rightful successor to ‘Night of the Blade’ but fate had other plans. In our opinion this is our finest album; ultimately the fans will be the judges and our thanks go out to them, 3MS and everybody else who made this album possible”.


Devil’s Gonna Bring You Down / Bullet Made Of Stone / Burn Down The Night / The Man In Black / No Time To Bleed / Dead Again / Bad Blood / Black Water / Stings / The Last Samurai / My Kind Of Heaven

Tokyo Blade’s name and enviable reputation may have been forged in the late 70s as part of the NWOBHM that stamped its mark on the whole world, influencing countless bands, but ‘Unbroken’ is a serious return to form, this Blade is sharp as ever. 

The band is busy working with our filmmaker Richard Allen, on a new video for the album release.  

You can pre-order the album from our website right now.

A limited edition vinyl release is planned for this year as well. 

Many thanks to Andy Batchelor for the amazing album artwork too! 


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