Connor Selby is making decisions!

The debut album from Connor Selby ‘Made Up My Mind’  is now available to pre-order! You can watch him live & listen to some sample tracks on our product page.

For Blues fans everywhere this young performer has been wowing audiences around the UK supporting the likes of Albert Lee & playing at some well known Blues festivals.

From the official Press Release – Chris Hewlett PR says –

A modern British guitarist, steeped in the history and styles of what has come before but with his own style and take, Connor’s sound is a thrilling hybrid of soulful Blues with a touch of Rock.  On this eight-track debut album, he demonstrates a deft technique, sure, but also true feel and understanding of tone. Connor uses a R9 Gibson Les Paul, there’s also a Strat on the album – and he also plays a VOS Gibson SG.

Connor himself said, “Making this album has been a fantastic experience and I’m extremely proud of what’s been produced. The idea of having my own record seemed like a dream only a few years ago so to finally have it, completed and out in the world is a truly amazing feeling. What’s more, I’m grateful that 3MS gave me the freedom to do what I wanted and didn’t push me in any particular direction which allowed me to make the record I wanted to make.

Album artwork is courtesy of Andy Batchelor.

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