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“Well-produced album that deserves more exposure, these boys are good”
Blues Matters

“‘Diff’rent Gravy’ revels in the greater sum of its parts, revealing an uncompromising style that finds a rough-edged equilibrium somewhere between rhythm and blues and Americana, with dollops of The Stones, Dylan and the lesser known Sean Tyla.  Jamie Williams & The Roots Collective is a bluesy, country tinged, rootsy, folky, poppy band who occasionally rock out with intent.”
Get Ready To Rock

“As a collective they are rock solid throughout and the good stuff is very good, particularly ‘Reaching For The Stars’ and ‘Saved’ which for me showcase the best of the band, Jamie’s writing and voice.”

“This is the music that first instilled my love of ‘The Blues’…..the quintessential British version and Jamie Williams and the Roots Collective aka JWRoots are every bit as good as anything that I’ve heard in the last twenty years; primarily because they aren’t trying to sound like anyone but themselves which is a winning formula”
Rockin’ Magpie 

“The overall impression of this album is that these sharp players know exactly what they are doing. If you have fond memories of The Kursaal Flyers, Ducks De Luxe and Help Yourself these chaps are certainly flying the flag.”

“Diff’rent Gravy” from Jamie Williams & The Roots Collective is out now via 3MS Music.  The album, their fifth, is available on CD [Cat Nos 3MS014CD]. This album is all about showcasing some great songs and having fun.  As R2 magazine said, “I don’t think the band do this for world domination or money; they do it because they love it, and this shines through the music.” Too true.

“Diff’rent Gravy” boasts eleven brand new tracks that showcase this five-piece’s natural swing and verve, honed over years of performing live.  Blues Matters magazine said, “Every song is original and the arrangements are full of surprises”. Musically the album is a melting pot of, of course, Roots, Blues Rock, Americana, Country, you name it – the key word here is ‘Collective,’ these guys are very much more than the sum of their parts.  Blues In Britainhit the nail on the head when they said, “They don’t just play roots; they play the whole tree!”  Opener ‘Little Black Book’ sets the scene and the tone and pace; there’s a reason that this is a band that whose motto is “Bringing the party to you!”  This album is a true unashamed crowd-pleaser: riffs, hooks, singalong choruses are all present and correct.

The line-up for “Diff’rent Gravy” features Jamie Williams himself on vocals and guitar.  The band says, “Jamie Williams & the Roots Collective have evolved over the past 8 years to have become one of the tightest and best live fun acts on the circuit today. With Jamie’s immense collection of nearly 2,000 songs for us to choose from, we have put together our best collection of songs yet for this first album for the 3MS label”.  Joining Jamie to keep things rocking and indeed rolling are Nick Garner on Harp, Dave Milligan on Guitar, and Dave’s son Jake on Bass, the band work with various drummers.

Jamie Williams is a singer with a powerful, distinctive voice and a songwriter who can turn his hand to creating songs that are at once fresh and original, yet also feel like familiar classics.  Factor in the rest of the band and their love of live performance and in Jamie Williams & The Roots Collective you’ve got a winning formula.

By the time the Bluesy shuffle of the album’s closer “Understand” slinks away there’s nothing to be done but put this album on again.  Hot, tasty, full of flavour, this album is a “Diff’rent Gravy” indeed; apply liberally!

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