Errol Michael Henry

Errol is 3M’s guru; a musician, producer and expert in the strange ways of the music business. His CV is quite scary.  His past collaborations include none other than Bobby Womack, Lulu, The Jones Girls, Jaki Graham and Chris Ballin.

Malcolm Scott

Malcolm Scott is 3Ms marketing, promotion and research specialist.  Malcolm has been playing in legendary NWOBHM band High Treason since 1979 and has albums out in the USA with his other project Mussel Shell.

Denise Parsons
Operations Manager

Denise is in charge of managing all the moving parts on our projects. 

Occasional nagger and cracker of whips Denise will get the job done! 

Denise is also the voice of our Social Media & presents ‘The Parsons Knows Local Music’ on Radio Verulam sponsored by 3MS Music. 

Richard Allen
Film maker extraordinaire

With an artistic flair and a genuine love for what he does, Richard makes top quality music videos & films for all our artists. We are very lucky to have him ‘in-house’. 

Gwyn Mathias
Mastering Genius

We call him ‘The Professor’ because he knows everything there is no know about mastering & tech and getting the best quality to production. With years of industry experience working on some big name projects, Gwyn truly is the ‘master’! 

James Patrick
Recording Engineer

James is our sound engineer at Smokehouse Studios. 

Starting as an apprentice to Paul Madden & working alongside Errol Henry, James has come a long way and now has the experience & expertise to run his own projects.