SCREAM SERENITY are an accomplished hard-rock quartet hailing from the Suffolk plains. Tugging from the inspirational powers of Alter Bridge, Shinedown and Stone Sour, the emerging rock crew despatch stout riffs and engulfing melodies to devastating effect. On Friday 1st December, SCREAM SERENITY reveal their stunning debut album, Eye of The Storm.

Formed in 2014 and originating in Lowestoft, SCREAM SERENITY soon set to work with intense rehearsals and extensive writing, along with a gigging schedule that has seen the energetic rockers play alongside the likes of FM and Toseland. The rising riff slinger’s previous release, Beyond This Land EP, received rampant radio coverage and much praise from the underground rock fraternity, consequently attracting the attention of 3Ms Music, who swiftly signed the band, as well as drafting them into the recording studio. After a glut of concentrated sessions, SCREAM SERENITY emerged with a supreme debut album.

Their new record, Eye of The Storm, is a call to arms for anyone and everyone that has an affinity with chunky riffs and potent songwriting. The deliciously webbed depth of their debut album is evident as the hammering drums and hefty guitars entwine with contagious hooks, and smartly wind their way deep into your core. SCREAM SERENITY have touring plans for the early part of 2018, so latch onto the band now before they explode

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