Saints of Sin – Welcome to The Circus – Video!

In the run up to the official album release, Saints of Sin and 3MS Music have released an album promo video for fans new & old alike. This is a teaser to the full length music video by Saints of Sin that will be released with the album. If you are a 3MS subscriber then you will get a chance to see the full video before anyone else so make sure you are subscribed!

Thanks to our PR guru Chris Hewlett the new album from Saints of Sin ‘Welcome To The Circus’ has been getting some brilliant reviews in the press –

This is what ‘Rush On Rock’ had to say about Saints of Sin- 

Since their formation in 2013, Saints of Sin have been on an upward trajectory towards hard rock / hair metal stardom. Much like Steel Panther, Saints of Sin are bringing back the spirit of Sunset Strip circa 84, with the hair, leather, makeup, sonics and vocals; proving there is still a demand for the over the top antics of rock and roll.

But, Saints of Sin are more than just a reworked 80s gimmick. The five piece have plenty of music talent, creatively ability and all the flair required to be a hard rockin’ force, but they have also invested in quality production.

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This is what ‘Planet Mosh’ had to say about Saints of Sin –

The album starts off with “The ballad of the big top” which isn’t actually a ballad, it’s an intro with circus themed music and a ringmaster voice. That leads straight in to “Welcome to the circus” which is the first real song on the album, and it’s one hell of a good way to get things going. It’s fantastic rock music with great vocals and like much of the album it’s really good catchy party music.

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The band are in the middle of planning some London dates so we will keep you posted. New dates are being added to their calender all the time so check out the bands website here

In the meantime – check out the video below!

Saints of Sin welcome you to the party!


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