Jah Wobble in this month’s Record Collector

The album ‘The Usual suspects’ has had some amazing reviews since it’s release and now following the Vinyl release in June this is what Record Collector magazine has to say!

Jah Jah Black sheep…

With no hint of hype(but a lot of alliteration), The Usual Suspects is perhaps chef Wobble’s most appealing musical smorgasbord to date. It’s rare for one album to evince comparisons to both Lee Petty & Lalo Shifrin in style, or to Lonnie Liston Smith, Eddie Van Halen & Keith Moon with it’s musicianship, but there you go, and here it is, on double vinyl in case you missed the original release in June. Inspired by his current line up sounding as he’s always envisaged the band ‘ a groovy dubby… fusion of genres’ Wobble revisits & re-imagines PiL & his solo career landmarks , reggae classics ( Dawn Penn’s You Don;t Love Me ( No No No ) Augustus Pabio’s Java & movie scores ( Midnight Cowboy, Get Carter) his hypnotically warm bass leading the troops through a consistently intriguing 23 track flow, as impressive in scope as it is in delivery. 

The PiL numbers maintain the original bands inventive spirit. Public Image is reworked as a half speed skank & Foderstomp’s irrepressible bass groove now anchors live action dub dropouts, as do the reggae covers ( adorned with guest toasting & brass) & Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain is, improbably, a disco stomping guitar shredding standout. Outstanding

Richard Davenport – Record Collector

Available now in our shop! Would make a most excellent Christmas present we think!


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