Can Kiss The Gun get any ‘Higher’? New for 2018

Following on from the phenomenal success of Kiss The Gun’s debut album ‘Nightmares’ 3Ms Music are releasing a series of 3 videos filmed live at the bands album launch party in October 2017.

Reviewers & critics just seem to love this album and it has been picked up by all the major online & press rock magazines.

Quote ‘Get Ready to Rock‘ Such is the well-constructed nature of Nightmares that it sounds anything but a debut – tracks like the Lizzy inspired ‘Writing On The Wall’, ‘Stand Up’, with its distant echoes of Boston, and the driving ‘Run, Run, Run’ are ‘made’ for rock radio.

Rocktopia said ”Nightmare’ is a fine release, it’s modern in places and yet sounds retro at other times. From the opener ‘Into The Fire’ through the title track and the very AOR ‘Stand Up’, it’s chock full of fine songs. Great harmonies and solid guitar work also assist in making this a damn good debut. The good thing about the album is it doesn’t remind me of any band in particular so Kiss The Gun are stamping their own trademark. Overall, this is one debut that is strongly recommended.

Planet Mosh loved it too! ‘The album has everything you can ask for from a good rock album – great vocals, great guitar playing, a strong rhythm section and well written songs. I expect we’ll be hearing plenty more from Kiss the gun over the next few years as based on this album they should do well’.

We could go on but you get the picture.

The 1st video to be released is a track called ‘Higher & Higher’ – have a watch for yourselves and we would love to know what you think!

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