The next ‘Run Away’ success – Scream Serenity!

3Ms Music are delighted to announce a new video release from Lowestoft rockers ‘Scream Serenity’. Run Away is taken from their debut album ‘Eye of The Storm’ which has been getting lots of attention from the press and radio stations around the world. Probably the biggest of which has to be Planet Rock which is listened to by millions of people and where rock bands go to really break the market. Lucky then that Scream Serenity have been play listed by the station on the ‘New Rock’ show. Something about which the band are really excited, obviously!

Scream Serenity are also about to hit the road in the UK with their tour starting in April. Before that they hit Camden Town in London for a rock all night’er at Nambucca on 16th March.

Here are some of the reviews to come out recently –

Get Ready to Rock It leaps from your speakers, kicks you in the nuts, and as you double up, delivers a bludgeoning blow to your remaining senses. With a power and passion rarely heard on a studio album, Eye Of The Storm is mosh pit nirvana.

The Soundboard With such as a strong debut album, they can only grow as a band, and it will be interesting to see how they progress with their music in future albums.

Maximum Volume Music So confident is this that it merely kicks the door down, invites itself in and helps itself to whatever it chooses. Scream Serenity deserve to have it shouted from the rooftops.
Metal Gods TV Eye of The Storm, is a call to arms for anyone and everyone that has an affinity with chunky riffs and potent songwriting. The deliciously webbed depth of their debut album is evident.

Powerplay Magazine- it’s a sure fire winner for fans of modern rock.”

Black Velvet Magazine – Scream Serenity deliver a huge sound heavy on the riffs and hammering drums. It’s a seriously hard-rocking debut full of energy and self-assurance.” –

Moshville Times – a barrage of uncompromisingly catchy riffs and fierce vocals which will blow you away from the word go.”

Catch the band at a venue near you!

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